Herrljunga Cider was founded in 1911 by Oskar pastor Oscar Svenberg.
Svenberg preached around the churches in Herrljunga district and the lack of communion wine was a fact. Svenberg began to produce his own wine, which he used at the services in church. He then produced wine that he sold to other churches and Herrljunga Saft & Vinfabrik (Herrljunga lemonade and Wine Factory) was founded.

Swedens no.1 cider

The Branmark family took over the helm in 1945 and steered the ship towards the success through a football trip to England. The year is 1969, the spring air is refreshing and the company’s CEO Bertil is visiting a pub with his son Sture. They order the local specialty cider, semi-dry and absolutely stunning.
Once back home they started the production of what will be Sweden’s most popular cider*. Before the 70th century morning dawns, the first green bottle left the factory.

*AC Nielsen & Systembolaget 2014

cider_69More than ’just’ cider

During the 2000’s, Herrljunga Cider extended the range to include juice, mulled wine, spring water and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Herrljunga Cider also has an agency on the international marks PAGO Juice, Lapin Kulta beer and Lorina – the champagne of sodas.
Today the company has about 70 employees. The factory, office, warehouse and farm shop are all located in Herrljunga, in the place where it all began.